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About the RetroCollage Gallery:

The RetroCollage Gallery presents the collages of artist Eric Edelman. The Gallery is also proud to showcase the work of Ziva, an exciting new artist who shares Eric’s love of antique floral subjects, bringing to her pictures her own subtle and decorative color sense (be sure to visit us often to see Ziva’s new work!).[pullquote]Be like a force of nature: keep the creative process going.[/pullquote]

About the Art of RetroCollage Blog:

The Art of RetroCollage blog presents  interesting articles on the history and technique of collage, short profiles of the great collage movements and masters past and present, and spotlight features on pieces by Eric Edelman, Ziva, and other collage artists.

(NOTE: From time to time, this blog may publish articles that contain no illustrations of work by certain artists. This is because the work of the artists in question is still protected by copyright. Art of RetroCollage respects the intellectual property rights of other organizations and people, and, beyond the limits of fair use, will never knowingly publish any copyrighted work without the permission of its copyright holder. Wherever feasible in these articles, Art of RetroCollage will provide links to copyright-holder-authorized sites featuring artwork pertinent to such articles.)

About the Artist:

Eric Edelman is a collagist and found-object sculptor living in New York City.  He has been making collages – by hand and digitally – for more than twenty-five years. He counts among his mentors many of the great collage masters: Max Ernst, Joseph Cornell, Wilfred Sätty, and Jim Harter.

Eric Edelman of RetroCollage

Eric Edelman

Edelman scans images from wood engravings found in books and magazines dating from 1850 to 1920, combining, altering, and colorizing them in photo-manipulation software. The resulting collages are a mix of Surrealism and psychedelia, by turns playful and solemn, simple and complex, straightforward and mysterious.The RetroCollage gallery also contains works reflecting Edelman’s interests in: pentagonal symmetry and kirigami (the Japanese art of folded-and-cut paper); florals; folk-art game-boards; and farm and agricultural subjects as pictured in 19th century illustrations from advertising and books

He has exhibited at the Philoctetes Center, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the National Arts Club, Long Island University, and various private galleries.His work is represented in several private and institutional collections and has appeared in the New York Review of Books, in the books The Art of the Miniature and Genius in a Bottle, as well as in the monograph Eric Edelman Collages the Unconscious.He draws material for artwork from his personal collections, which include wood engravings, shells, bones, compasses, wooden shapes, porcelain doll parts, game pieces, machine parts, bottles, pins, toys, and pentagonal objects.

All artwork and descriptions on all parts of this website (with the exception of  works created by and credited to others, or work in the public domain in the United States) are created and copyright © by Eric Edelman. All rights reserved.