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Star of Gratitude: Houston, We Have PageRank!

While Art of RetroCollage has focused on collage, it is also a blog in itself with measurable indicators. Recently Google did another PR update, and our blog went from PR0 to PR3. We show our appreciation to our readers with new artwork called "The Star of Gratitude."

Henbane: Pilsener, Potion, or Poison?

Henbane: Pilsener, Potion, or Poison? In the Middle Ages, henbane was widely used in Germany to augment the inebriating qualities of beer. The names of many German towns originate from the word Bilsen--henbane. Later on, the word was transformed to Pilsen to name the famous Pilsen beer. It took many years to prohibit the use of henbane in brewing after numerous cases of poisonings.

Oryza sativa by Ziva

This is one of a series celebrating and reinterpreting the glories of botanical subjects as portrayed in classic wood engravings.