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The Underwater Typewriter: Collage and Marc Zegans’s Tangible Poetry

The Underwriter Typewriter

Marc Zegans’s new collection of poems, The Underwater Typewriter, is poetry made tangible. One can feel it as well as see it, smell and taste it as well as hear it. Like a work by a master craftsman, it is beautifully and delicately wrought; yet the poem invites us to take it up, turn it

The Ensign of Collage

The Ensign (2014)

The ensign of collage varies; not with the day or season, but with every moment and place...

Happy Holidays from RetroCollage!

19th-Century Santa Claus.

In keeping with our devotion to all things retro, Art of RetroCollage decided to color this nineteenth-century wood engraving according to the Christmas traditions of its time...